MGH MD PnP team awarded Dept. of Homeland Security research contract

Press release on DHS website DHS S&T Award to MGH team:

“Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, was awarded $950,000 to develop a medical device cybersecurity data repository. This repository, which will be developed through an effort titled “Healthcare Data Generation and Curation for Cybersecurity Analysis,” will enhance cyber protection of hospital clinical environments by providing the data cybersecurity researchers can use to develop monitoring rulesets and tools based on changes in response to threats to medical devices and networks. This knowledge will be broadly applicable in other environments.”

We are looking forward to performing this foundational medial device cybersecurity research using the capabilities of our new MD PnP Lab “virtual hospital sandbox” with medical devices, simulators, and specialized networking equipment.  – Julian Goldman

New MD PnP website hosted @MGH taking shape

Dear MD PnP Community,

The MD PnP research program was founded in 2004 by Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and CIMIT. We opened the Cambridge interoperability lab and started the website in 2006.

The site has been our program's primary communication vehicle. Major events, white papers, lists of projects, medical device procurement documents, clinical workflow and engineering documents, and slides have been posted.

After 11 years on the same content management template,  is ready for a major update, so we are using that opportunity to port the site to an MGH-hosted server. The new url is We expect the new website to take shape over the summer (of 2017).

The new website isn't the only change. Follow this blog for other big news.

That you for visiting our program site.



Julian M. Goldman, MD

Founder and Director, MD PnP Program

June 2017

Medical Device Interoperability for Improving Safety and Efficiency

“Medical Device Interoperability for Improving Safety and Efficiency” panel at American Society of Anesthesiologistannual meeting
The January 2007 issue of Anesthesiology News has a story about the ASA panel.
Topics and speakers:

  • Session overview and introductions (Julian Goldman, MD/MD PnP Program)
  • Welcome: Committee on EMIT focus on interoperability (Keith Ruskin, MD/Chair ASA Committee on Electronic Media and IT)
  • Can interoperability support improvements in patient safety? (Jeff Cooper, PhD/Co-Founder Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation)
  • Recent advances in achieving interoperability: the MD PnP Program (Goldman)
  • What Interoperability Means for Anesthesiologists: A view from The Hill (Bill Horton, MD/ASA Congressional Fellow)
  • What drives the adoption of New Technology? (Donald Martin, MD/Chair ASA Committee on Equipment and Facilities)
  • Using Interoperability to Support Clinical Requirements (Sandy Weininger, PhD/FDA)

Full session details can be downloaded here.