MGH MD PnP Program Presenting at Anesthesiology 2023

The MGH Dept. of Anesthesia, Critical Care, and Pain Medicine’s program on Medical Device Interoperability & Cybersecurity (MD PnP) will have a Scientific & Educational Exhibit at Anesthesiology 2023.
Anesthesiology 2023 is the annual meeting of the American Society of Anesthesiologists which will be held this year in San Francisco October 14-16, 2023.
Our Exhibit will demonstrate “Remote Control of Ventilators and IV Pumps: An Emerging Capability with Widespread Clinical Care Implications” as well as a system for automated Total IV Anesthesia (TIVA). These research activities are part of our Smart and Autonomous Medical Systems (SaAMS) initiative.
We hope you will stop by and visit us at exhibit S1.

Exhibit Overview:

Under the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency the FDA accelerated innovation by permitting manufacturers to release remote control for ventilators and IV pumps with less regulatory scrutiny. This enabled industry and healthcare organizations to demonstrate that remote control could improve care and protect caregivers by changing device settings without a delay to don PPE, support virtual critical care, and synchronize respiration with radiologic imaging. This technology has broad implications for OR, NORA, ICU and tele-ICU care. Post-pandemic standards and regulatory pathways are under development. This exhibit will demonstrate examples of remote control and research being performed to address safety and interoperability.
This SEE demonstrates several remote control approaches for IV pumps and ventilators, as well as associated safety and interoperability considerations, to educate ASA membership on a rapidly developing area of device innovation that could provide broad clinical workflow and patient care benefits in OR, ICU, tele-ICU, and other care settings.
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