American Society of Anesthesiologists Annual Meeting 2006

Scientific Exhibit #S01: Medical Device Plug-and-Play Connectivity
conveyed the safety improvements that are achievable through medical device interoperability and demonstrated one of the clinical scenarios (or “use cases”) collected at the Society for Technology in Anesthesia 2005 meeting session on interoperability: The connection of a portable x-ray machine and anesthesia ventilator to synchronize the x-ray exposure with the desired phase of respiration.

ASA 2006 booklet describing the content of the ASA exhibit, including reproductions of all posters may be downloaded in 3 PDF files:

MDPnP Booklet February 2007 p1-21.pdf (11 Mgb)

MDPnP Booklet February 2007 p22.pdf (8 Mgb)

MDPnP Booklet February 2007 p23-29.pdf (8 Mgb)

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