Global City Teams Challenge (SmartAmerica)

Global City Teams Challenge (SmartAmerica) Date: June, 2014Collaborators: Harvard University, University of Missouri, MD PnP, DocBox Inc., The University of Pennsylvania, UL, Intel, Talend, RTI, PrismTech, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Vanderbilt University, DoD / VA, IEEE, Nonnatech, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, NIST Closed-Loop Healthcare Sensor data goes with you seamlessly from home to ambulance to …

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MD FIRE Date: October 16, 2008 – PesentCollaborators: Massachusetts General Hospital, Mass General Brigham, Kaiser Permanente, Johns Hopkins Medicine, US Department of Veterans Affairs, American Society of Anesthesiologists MD FIRE: Medical Device “Free Interoperability Requirements for the Enterprise” Medical Device “Free Interoperability Requirements for the Enterprise” (MD FIRE) comprises a white paper and sample RFP …

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FDA MDICC (Medical Device Interoperability Coordination Council) Date: 2012 – 2015Collaborators: FDA Medical Device Interoperability Coordination Council (MDICC) Clinical Needs and Clinical Landscape Team The MD PnP Program has had an ongoing relationship with FDA to pursue a definition of the regulatory pathway for integrated medical device systems. We worked with the FDA to form …

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OpenICE The MD PnP Program has developed an open source implementation of the Integrated Clinical Environment (ICE) standard as described in ASTM 2761-09(2013) and made it freely available on SourceForge. The platform consists of software device adapters for medical devices (including anesthesia machines, ventilators, and patient monitors), OMG DDS standard middleware, and demonstration applications. Research …

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MDIDS (Medical Device Interface Data Sheets)

MDIDS (Medical Device Interface Data Sheets) We are developing a reference compendium of medical device interface capabilities and data elements which could enable more complete, effective, and safe device integration. This compendium, which we call Medical Device Interface Data Sheets (MDIDS) will serve as a reference for standards development organizations (SDOs), manufacturers, researchers, and clinical …

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CSR (Clinical Scenario Repository) The CSR is a tool to elicit and document clinical situations in which improved technologies – especially those enabled through Integrated Clinical Environments – could improve patient safety and clinical care. The CSR repository documents situations with potential or actual patient harm as well as hypothetical situations where a clinician or …

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