American Society of Anesthesiologists honors MD PnP Scientific Exhibit award for First Place

Exhibit Title: Improving the Safety of PCA Opioid Infusions by Integrating Patient Monitors and Infusion Pumps
Presenters: Julian M Goldman, MD, Michael W Jopling, MD, Frank J Overdyk, MD, Sandy Weininger, PhD, David Arney, PhD, Insup Lee, PhD, Susan F Whitehead, BS, Philippe-Antoine Cortes, ME, Shankar Krishnan, PhD
In addition to a demonstration, four posters were displayed.
See the story in ASA Newsletter V72 January 2008
Download poster 1poster 2poster 3, and poster 4

In the ASA exhibit we demonstrated that medical device interoperability standards and technology could be used to integrate monitors and PCA pumps to reduce the risks of respiratory complications from postoperative opioids. The prototype system used SpO2 and respiratory rate to detect the onset of respiratory depression, automatically stop the PCA basal infusion, lock out bolus administration, and activate the nurse call system. This approach supports the APSF recommendations to reduce the risks of respiratory complications from postoperative opioids (as described in the Winter 2006/2007 APSF Newsletter).

The exhibit also emphasized that the use of more that one type of monitor (“orthogonal measurements”) to assess respiratory function (for example, pulse oximetry and capnography), may increase the reliability of problem detection (achieving high sensitivity) while reducing false alarms (achieving high specificity).

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