Selected Talks

 HIMSS Innovation Community Panel on Open Medical Device & Data Integration Platforms to Support the Management of Ebola Care, moderated by Dr. Goldman, February 13, 2015.

Demonstration on Open Medical Device and Data Integration Platforms to support the management of Ebola, November 6-7, 2014. Click here for a short video detailing our work on Ebola.

Panel on Cybersecurity Gaps and Challenges: Need to share vs. Need to Secure, at Public Workshop on Collaborative Approaches for Medical Device and Healthcare Cybersecurity hosted by FDA, HHS, and Department of Homeland Security, Washington, DC, October 21, 2014.

Remotely Caring for Our Most Vulnerable Citizens In-Place During A Pandemic, NIST Global Cities Challenge: SmartAmerica Part II, Washington, DC, September 29, 2014.

Panel on IoT Activities and IEEE Standards at the IEEE Standards Association Internet of Things (IoT) Workshop, Mountain View, CA, September 18, 2014.

Panel on Medical Devices Innovation: Opportunities, Threats, and Challenges at the National Academies’ Innovation Policy Forum, Washington, DC, September 10, 2014.

Panel on Health Cyber-Physical Systems: Present Status and Future Directions, Parts I and II at the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Annual International Conference, Chicago, IL, August 28, 2014.

Panel on Interoperability at the Military Health Smart Monitoring meeting, Fort Lauderdale, FL, August 16, 2014.

Setting the Stage for the Next Generation of Clinical Care Through the Procurement of Interoperable Medical Devices and Health IT Systems, Association for Healthcare Resource & Materials Management Annual Conference, Orlando, FL, August 4, 2014.

Closed-Loop Healthcare: From Home to Hospital to Home, lecture and technology demonstration at the White House SmartAmerica Expo, Washington, DC, June 10, 2014.

Towards Better Critical Care: From data to information to decision to action, lecture at Society of Critical Care Medicine Research Summit held at Emory University Hospital, Atlanta, GA, April 10, 2014.

Enabling Innovation Through Medical Device Interoperability: from architecture to analytics, invited lecture at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, April 1, 2014.

Technology demonstration at HIMSS, Real-Time Blue Button for Patients & Families, Orlando, FL, February 23-27, 2014. Click here for a video of the demonstration.

Medical device interoperability lecture and workshop on OpenICE: A New, Open, Interoperable Medical Device Clinical Research Platform, Society for Technology in Anesthesia Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL, January 17-18, 2014.

Panel at the Society of Critical Care Medicine Annual Congress, Interoperability: A Cornerstone of Systems Integration, San Francisco, CA, January 10, 2014.

Keynote and plenary panels at the Medical Device Connectivity Conference on interoperability standards and an open-source ICE platform, Herndon, VA, November 21, 2014

Plenary talk at the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) Annual Symposium, The SHARP Program and the Next Generation of Health Information Technology, Washington, DC, November 18, 2014

Presentation to the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation on Advanced Medical Technology Training and the APSF Recommendations, Phoenix, September 16, 2013

Presentation on Event Reporting Paradigms for the Food and Drug Administration Safety Innovation Act (FDASIA) Regulations Subgroup, July 3, 2013

Educational Session on Medical Device Interoperability: “a wicked problem,” and technology demonstrations in conjunction with the ONC at HIMSS’13, New Orleans, March 7, 2013

Leveraging Interoperability for Device Health and Performance AssessmentFDA MDEpiNet Annual Meeting, September 11, 2012

Panels on Systems Engineering on center stage in the biomedical industry, and Practical Experience of Capability and Systems of Systems Engineering in Defense, Rail, Biomedical and Information Services, 22nd Annual INCOSE International Symposium, Rome, Italy, July 10, 2012

Interoperability: Feasibility, Results, and Safety and Security Issues, IAMPOV International Symposium, Yale University, July 1, 2012

Physician’s Perspective on Past, Present, and Future CE/HTM Impact from Vision to Implementation, presentation in a panel on Clinical Engineering and Healthcare Technology Management’s Impact on Clinical Outcomes (presented by ACCE), AAMI Standards Week, June 2, 2012

Plenary talk on Medical Device Interoperability Ecosystem: Medical Device Clock Time and the Regulatory Pathway, Cyber-Physical Systems Week, Beijing, China, April 18, 2012

Panel on Device Clock Synchronization Challenges: What Does It Mean for Medical Devices?, 22nd Annual International Conference on Medical Device Standards and Regulation held by AAMI and the FDA, March 21, 2012

Keynote address on Demanding needs of General Hospitals for a safe & effective Use of Medical Devices and Health Software, 3rd International Symposium on IT Networks Incorporating Medical Devices and Software, Berlin, Germany, March 1, 2012

Technology Demonstration at HIMSS, Co-exhibit with the SHARP Program (Strategic HIT Advanced Research Projects, sponsored by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT), with which our NIH grant is affiliated (as MD SHARP), February 20-24, 2012

Interoperable Medical Device Systems to Improve Patient Safety and the Quality of Healthcare Delivery, FDA Office of Science and Engineering Laboratories (OSEL), November 3, 2011

Software as a Medical Device and Home Use of Medical Devices at RAPS: The Regulatory Convergence, October 24, 2011

Panel on Software Implementation: opportunities and challenges, American Society of Anesthesiologists, October 18, 2011MD PnP Program Research Demonstration Showcase at our lab in Cambridge, MA, September 2011Briefing on Challenges and Opportunities in Medical Device Interoperability, White House Health IT R&D Senior Steering Group, July 27, 2011

Challenges and Opportunities in Medical Device Interoperability at the White House Health IT R&D Senior Steering Group, July 27, 2011

Open RTLS Architecture to support innovation in patient safety and clinical efficiency at the VHA Real Time Location Systems Conference, June 1, 2011

Keynote address on the Integrated Clinical Environment (ICE) at the Workshop on Integrated Clinical Environments: The future of Improved Healthcare, Singapore, April 30, 2011

Lectures on device standards and the Medical Device Data System (MDDS) rule at the 21st Annual International Conference on Medical Device Standards and Regulation held by AAMI and the FDA, March 23-24, 2011

Overview of “MD SHARP” on Medical Device Interoperability at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Session on Vendor Engagement with Federal IT Research Efforts, February 21, 2011
MD PnP Program Update at the UPenn Medical Device Cyber Physical Systems Meeting, December 13, 2010 
Plenary lecture on the Integrated Clinical Environment (ICE) at NIH U.S. Critical Illness and Injury Trials (USCIIT) Group, November 8, 2010
Medical device interoperability, Veterans Health Administration Biomedical Engineers National Meeting, October 18, 2010
The Integrated Clinical Environment (ICE), 3rd Annual Critical Care Bioinformatics Workshop, Case Western Reserve University, October 7-9, 2010
Plenary lecture at the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Device Interoperability Inquiry, Boston, MA, October 7, 2010
Keynote presentation on medical device connectivity at the 2nd Annual Medical Device Connectivity Conference, San Diego, CA, September 28-29, 2010
Medical device interoperability, Veterans Administration Joint Interoperability Ventures meeting, August 17, 2010
Medical Device Interoperablity and Integration at the NSF Cyber-Physical Systems P.I. Meeting, August 10-12, 2010
Addressing Preventable Intraoperative Awareness: the Role of Alarm Technology, American Society of Anesthesiologists, July 26, 2010
Keynote Presentation on systems engineering and patient safety at the 20th INCOSE International Symposium, July 21-15, 2010
Lectures and panels on medical device connectivity and MD FIRE at the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) Annual Conference, June 26-28, 2010
Integrating devices in the clinical environment to promote innovation and enhance patient safety, International Standards Meeting, International Organization for Standardization (ISO) TC 121, Queenstown, New Zealand, June 18, 2010
Medical Device Plug-and-play and Operating Rooms of the Future at the 13th Asian Australasian Congress of Anesthesiologists, Fukuoka, Japan, June 1-5, 2010
Medical Device Plug and Play Interoperablity to Enable Innovation at the Harvard Anesthesia Update, Harvard Medical School, May 20, 2010
Integrating the Clinical Environment to enable innovation, improve safety, and reduce obsolescence at the 90th Annual Meeting of the American Association for Thoracic Surgery, Toronto, May 1-5, 2010
Medical Device Interoperability Program: Preparing for System Integration at the Sharp Edge of Healthcare Delivery at the Partners HealthCare IT Leadership Meeting, March 11, 2010
Plug and Play Medical Device Interoperability in Hospitals at the 2nd International Symposium on IT-Networks in Hospitals held in Offenbach, Germany, February 25, 2010
Medical Device Interoperability Program: providing system solutions at the sharp edge at MedDev, February 3, 2010
Capitol Hill presentation sponsored by NSF program on Cyber-Physical Systems (at the Hart Senate Office Building): Medical Device Safety & Innovation: preparing for system integration at the sharp edge of healthcare, July 9, 2009 (NSF Video of CPS Senate Open House)
The Operating Room of the Future and Medical Device Interoperablity: preparing for systems solutions at the sharp edge of healthcare delivery at AdvaMed Chief Technical and Scientific Officers Meeting, June 23, 2009
Medical Device Interoperability demonstration at the Advanced Medical Technology Exposition held at the Telemedicine & Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC), U.S. Army Medical Research & Materiel Command (USAMRMC), June 17-18, 2009
The “Operating Room of the Future” and medical device interoperability: preparing for system solutions at the sharp edge of healthcare
INCOSE (International Council on Systems Engineering) Conference on Accelerating Innovation in Medical Care: Advancements and Opportunities in Architecture, Design, Mobility and Biomedical Engineering, April 28, 2009
CIMIT MD PnP Program Update on interoperability standards, policy, and technology at the TATRC Hospital of the Future meeting
14th Annual International Meeting and Exposition of the American Telemedicine Association, April 26-28, 2009
Integrating IT and Medical Devices lecture at the 6th World Health Care Congress, Health IT Summit Panel in Washington, DC, April 14-16, 2009
Medical Device Interoperability to Enable System Solutions at the Sharp Edge of Healthcare Delivery (PDF)
White House Homeland Security Council Biodefense Directorate Conference briefing, April 2, 2009
Update on Medical Device Interoperability, Society for Technology in Anesthesia, January 2009
CIMIT Innovation Congress 2008 System Modeling Poster by Mu Sun
American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) Annual Meeting 2008 Scientific Exhibit Handout
U.S. Army Telemedicine ATA 2008 Partnership Series lecture on Medical Device Interoperability and the Integrated Clinical Environment, April 5, 2008
ICE overview presented at FDA-hosted ICE Interested Parties Meeting, March 25, 2008
Update on the Medical Device Interoperability Program at the Massachusetts Health Data Consortium (MHDC) Clinical Networking Forum, November 6, 2007
Update on Medical Device Interoperability slide presentation from Global Harmonization Task Force 11, October 3, 2007
Poster presented at the Global Harmonization Task Force conference in Lubeck, Germany, June 2006
Received award for 2nd place