Selected Publications

 Solving the Interoperability Challenge: Safe and Reliable Information Exchange Requires more from Product Designers.

Julian M. Goldman, IEEE Pulse, November 2014

FDASIA Health IT Report: Proposed Strategy and Recommendations for a Risk-Based Framework. Contributions by Dr. Goldman as part of the Food and Drug Administration Safety Innovation Act (FDASIA) Workgroup. Published April 2014.

Design Pillars for Medical Cyber-Physical System Middleware
David Arney, Jeff Plourde, Rick Schrenker, Pratyusha Mattegunta, Susan F. Whitehead, and Julian M. Goldman
Paper presented by Dave Arney & Jeff Plourde at the 5th Workshop on Medical Cyber-Physical Systems in Berlin, Germany in April 2014

Model-Driven Safety Analysis of Closed-Loop Medical Systems
Miroslav Pajic, Rahul Mangharam, Oleg Sokolsky, David Arney, Julian M. Goldman, and Insup Lee
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 2014

Medical Device Integration: A Look Past the EHR
An interview with Julian Goldman in Clinical Innovation & Technology, discussing the potential and current limitations of medical device integration, February 2013

Medical Device Interoperability: A ‘Wicked Problem’ of Our Time
A conversation with Julian M. Goldman, MD
by Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare Editor Susan Carr, discussing MD PnP and the current state of interoperability, January/February 2013

Simulation of Medical Device Network Performance and Requirements for An Integrated Clinical Environment
David Arney, Julian M. Goldman, Abhilasha Bhargav-Spantzel, Abhi Basu, Mike Taborn, George Pappas and Michael Robkin
AAMI Biomedical Instrumentation & Technology (BI&T) Journal, July/August 2012
This paper was originally published in the July/August 2012 issue of BI&T (Biomedical Instrumentation & Technology), a bimonthly, peer-reviewed journal from the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation, Posted with permission from AAMI. Any other distribution of AAMI-copyrighted material requires written permission from AAMI.

Potential Hazards of Clock Synchronization Errors,” by Senior Patient Safety Analyst Erin Sparnon of the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority. Pennsylvania Patient Safety Advisory pre-publication, 2012.

“Survey Probes Medical Device Clock Synchronization,” AAMI News Article describes our survey that was distributed to the healthcare technology management field in a study on medical device clock errors in November 2011

Toward patient safety in closed-loop medical device systems” in Proceedings of the 1st ACM/IEEE International Conference on Cyber-Physical Systems 2010
(Link to abstract only)

Connectivity to Improve Patient Safety: Making Medical Device “Plug-and-Play” Interoperability a Reality” in Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare 2010

ICE Standard (ASTM F2761-09), Published December 2009

MD PnP Program White Paper (see Quick Links in side bar)

Plug-and-play for medical devices: experiences from a case study,” in Biomedical Instrumentation & Technology, July 2009
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Medical Device Connectivity Pioneer Shares Vision of Future

AAMI News, July/August 2009, Vol. 44, No. 7

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Hospitals Issue Call for Action on Medical Device Interoperability” Patient Safety and Quality HealthCare, January-February 2009 (552 KByte PDF)

Medical Devices Lag in iPod Age: Patient’s safety is at risk, experts say

Boston Globe article, December 29, 2008

Model Contract Gives Momentum to Interoperability Movement
Anesthesiology News, December 2008

Medical Device Plug-and-Play

Patient Safety and Quality HealthCare, January/February 2008 (670 KByte PDF file)

“ASA 2006” booklet describing the content of the ASA exhibit, including reproductions of all posters may be downloaded in 3 PDF files:
MDPnP Booklet February 2007 p1-21.pdf (11 Mgb)
MDPnP Booklet February 2007 p22.pdf (8 Mgb)
MDPnP Booklet February 2007 p23-29.pdf (8 Mgb)
(with thanks to Mitre for production assistance)

Once a Tech Fantasy, Plug-and-Play OR Edges Closer to Reality
Anesthesiology News, January 2007

Medical Device Connectivity for Improving Safety and Efficiency
ASA Newsletter, May 2006, Vol. 70, No. 5

Comment on the article on the MD PnP discussion group

IEEE Computer “sidebar” on MD PnP program, in article “Software Engineering for Future Healthcare and Clinical Systems“, by Richard A. Schrenker
IEEE Computer, April 2006, p. 30

Eliciting Clinical Requirements for the Medical Device Plug-and-Play (MD PnP) Interoperatility Program
Goldman J, Whitehead S, Weininger S
From the 2006 STA Annual Meeting, published in Anesth Analg. 2006; 102;S1-54

BI&T* Frontlines Column: “Getting Connected to Save Lives
Biomedical Instrumentation & Technology*, May/June 2005, p. 338

BI&T* article “Plug-and-Play in the Operating Room of the Future
Biomedical Instrumentation & Technology* May/June 2005, p. 194
(The MD PnP program was described in the article as “ORF PnP”, for “OR of the Future”.)

Plug-and-Play Connectivity Initiative Launched
AAMI News, January 2005, Vol. 40, No. 1

*”Reprinted with permission from Biomedical Instrumentation & Technology (BI&T), a peer-reviewed journal published by the Association for Advancement of Medical Instrumentation. Visit to learn more about AAMI or to view BI&T’s current issue.”