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SmartAmerica Challenge Healthcare Team

See below for more information about the June SmartAmerica events.

As part of the White House SmartAmerica Challenge, the MD PnP program took part in a demonstration, "Closed Loop Healthcare: From Home to Hospital to Home," at the SmartAmerica Expo in Washington, DC on June 11th.
The Expo prototype was developed during a 3-day hackathonat our lab in March.

View slides on the Closed Loop Healthcare project.

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White House SmartAmerica Expo
June 11, 2014

Washington DC Convention Center 

Presidential Innovation Fellows, Sokwoo Rhee and Geoff Mulligan,
have convened a SmartAmerica Challenge to "bring together organizations with cyber-physical system technology and testbeds to demonstrate the potential to improve safety, sustainability, efficiency, mobility, and overall quality of life."

At the December 12, 2013 White House meeting,
we formed a healthcare-related challenge group called Closed-Loop Healthcare: From Home to Hospital to Home. The group comprises collaborators from academia, industry, and government.
The Closed-Loop Healthcare Group met for a hackathon in the MD PnP Lab on March 18-20, 2014, to work on a demonstration for the June 2014 SmartAmerica Challenge Expo.

You can see photos from the hackathon on twitter by following

@juliangoldman and searching #SmartAmerica

Mass General Hospital's Hotline publication covered the
SmartAmerica Closed-Loop Healthcare hackathon in an article,
"From Home-to-Hospital-to-Home" 

Collaborators at the March hackathon
MD PnP Program at Mass General Hospital & Partners HealthCare
University of Missouri
University of Pennsylvania
Vanderbilt University
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
DocBox, Inc.
Department of Defense
Z Wave Alliance
Presidential Innovation Fellows
*All photos by MGH Photography Department*