Clinical Scenario Repository

With research support from DoD/USAMRMC, we have been developing a sharable repository of clinical scenarios that could be improved through better medical device and health IT integration.

The purpose of a clinical scenario is to provide a background and illustrate the need for the development of technical solutions, which can eventually be used by researchers, standards developers, regulators, and manufacturers to create innovative solutions for many intractable clinical problems and healthcare needs.

The repository documents situations with potential or actual patient harm as well as hypothetical situations where a clinician or layperson sees room for improvement. No protected or confidential data is collected as part of the CSR. Solutions for these scenarios will be generalizable and will create building blocks for interoperability to address many other healthcare needs.

Based on a pilot deployment with physicians from the ASA Committee on Patient Safety, framed the CSR as "Good Ideas for Patient Safety" or GIPS. 

Scroll through the gallery below to see examples of the repository in development.