New MD PnP Lab Construction

After 11 years in its original location on the first floor of 65 Landsdowne St., Cambridge, Massachusetts, the MD PnP Lab is moving to a new 3200 square foot facility in August 2017. The new labs are located on the 5th floor of the same building, and have been designed to provide state of the art IT networking infrastructure and reconfigurable simulated clinical spaces. In conjunction with Partners HealthCare Information Systems and Biomedical Engineering, extensive design has been incorporated into the construction of the labs and information systems to support testing and evaluation of networked clinical technologies . 

The MD PnP lab network provides core switching technology and wiring topology to enable highly flexible and configurable networking environments. In conjunction with a scalable virtual server and storage technologies, this technology ecosystem will enable simulating diverse hospital environments and multiple simultaneous hospital configurations. We will be capable of performing wide ranging evaluation and testing including medical device cybersecurity, interoperability, clinical simulation and electronic health records testing. The MD PnP Lab capabilities will support prototyping, evaluation, and pre-deployment testing of new technologies and custom configurations to support safe and secure patient care.