How to Use This Website

These links have been provided in response to community questions:

Click here if you are looking to download code from our GitHub repository or from our collaborators' websites.

Clinical Scenarios
Click here if you are are interested in the clinical scenarios that we work with to identify specific clinical and technical challenges to guide our work on medical device interoperability and safe system integration.

Device Clock Synchronization
Click here to read about our time study and the importance of medical device clock synchronization.

Click here and here to read about some of our work with the FDA to pursue a definition of the regulatory science related to integrated medical device systems.

Getting Involved
Click here to find out how you can get more involved with our work.

ICE Standard
Click here to learn about the published ASTM F2761 ICE Standard and how MD PnP is informing national standards for medical devices in the integrated clinical environment.

MD FIRE Contracting Language
Click here if you are looking for MD FIRE, or Medical Device "Free Interoperability Requirements for the Enterprise," comprised of a white paper and sample RFP and contracting language to promote the adoption of interoperable and secure medical devices and systems in support of patient safety.

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