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MD PnP / HCMDSS Workshop

1st joint MD PnP Program / HCMDSS Workshop: “Improving Patient Safety through Medical Device Interoperability and High Confidence Software” held in Cambridge, MA, jointly sponsored by NSF & TATRC

Technology Demonstration at HIMSS

Technology demo on: 1) PCA Safety and 2) Bed tilt / automated blood pressure offset correction with University of NH at HIMSS07 (Healthcare Information & Management Systems Society Annual Conference)

Global Harmonization Task Force Award

Award from the Global Harmonization Task Force for poster presentation, “The OR-Fusion Project: Towards an Open Platform Concept for Networked Medical Devices” in Lubeck, Germany

MD PnP Lab Opens

MD PnP lab is opened at 65 Landsdowne St, Cambridge, providing a collaborative space to support projects, testing, and prototyping work

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