VA endorses MD FIRE

VA endorses MD FIRE as part of Medical Device Interoperability Program (MDIP)

AAMI Clinical Engineering Symposium

Dr. Goldman presents at AAMI Clinical Engineering Symposium: Clinical Engineering and Healthcare Technology Management’s Impact on Clinical Outcomes (presented by ACCE), “Physician’s Perspective on Past, Present, and Future CE/HTM Impact from Vision to Implementation“


MD PnP Program is awarded $10M grant from NIH/NIBIB to develop a prototype healthcare intranet for improved health outcomes

ICE Standard

ASTM International publishes ICE Standard (ASTM 2761)

ASTM F2761 Standard

ASTM Standardization News article on the new ASTM F2761 standard on the “Patient-centric Integrated Clinical Environment,” or ICE

Health Care Clinical Application Award

Dr. Goldman receives Health Care Clinical Application Award from AAMI Foundation/ Institute for Technology for work on medical device interoperability

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