“How to Hack Healthcare”

MD PnP lab co-sponsored “How to Hack Healthcarewith H@cking Medicine, the Harvard i-Lab, and the INCOSE Biomedical & Healthcare Working Group. The event brought over 65 undergraduates together to learn about existing pain points in patient monitoring and opioid-induced respiratory depression. The students teamed up to develop possible solutions, under the mentorship of clinicians, engineers, and other healthcare industry professionals.

Accelerating the adoption and use of mobile healthcare technologies

Recommendations from mHealth Task Force: Accelerating the adoption and use of mobile healthcare technologies
Earlier this year, the FCC convened a summit with industry leaders to discuss opportunities to accelerate the adoption and use of mobile health care technologies. Since then, participants have formed the “mHealth Task Force” to develop recommendations for industry and government action to harness the potential of mobile devices to improve health outcomes and lower costs of care.
The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation held a panel discussion about the FCC mHealth Task Force, their findings and recommendations. The Task Force, led by Co-chairs Julian Goldman, Robert Jarrin and Douglas Trauner detailed the work performed by the Task Force to identify barriers and opportunities related to mobile health, wireless health and e-Care technologies.
See photos from the panel discussion, read the FCC press release, and mHealth Task Force recommendations.